Wicked Lady
B651, Wheathampstead
St Albans
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Not good
They had gluten free rolls ... we went for a family lunch and my 3 year old and myself were both gluten free. They made me feel awkward which is quite subjective I know... I ordered my little girl a gluten free toastie because NOTHING on the children's menu could be adapted. I ordered a chicken salad without the sauce just incase. We sent them to ask about the sauce and the chips and I was told that the sauce was gluten free and the chips weren't. I ate mine and immediately came over hot and suddenly sick. Packed myself off home very sharply and passed my daughter over to my mum. 5 hours later I came round. Called the restaurant turns out - despite telling them on the coeliac diagnosis and this wasn't just a fashionable diet. Turns out the sauce wasn't gluten free. Either they didn't check or someone got their wires crossed but, not good!
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