Honest Burgers
12 Brixton Village, London
United Kingdom
07739 182955
Restaurant - Restaurant

Rated 5/5 from 3 ratings. There are 3 reviews.
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Best GF burgers
Nice burgers, very good meat, GF buns from The WAG boys (next door) and they serve Estrella Daura too!! Gf heaven
everything on the menu is GF except the buns, but you can have GF buns. They even have GF beer! A lovely small restaurant, with a vibrant atmosphere & only £8 for burger and chips. will definitely be returning
Gluten free burgers
This place is supplied with gluten free burger buns by the nearby WAGfree cafe, and their delicious burgers are happily gluten free by nature. The waiter was totally savvy about cross contamination and I felt I could dine with confidence. Not to mention the delicious chips!
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